Noticeably Easier.
Measurably Faster.

HELIO lets you create intuitive HMIs more quickly and easily which – thanks to modern web technology – are really responsive and independent of platforms and devices.

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Helio tablet interface on screen with user

Develop User-Centric HMIs
Without Programming

Independent & Future-Proof

Because HELIO ist based on web technology, it is completely independent of the hardware and software used. With HELIO you can work cross-platform on any device that runs a browser, be it Windows, Linux or Mac. And the HMIs developed with HELIO also run in a secure and stable manner in your browser.

This makes HELIO particularly future-proof, since the replacement of hardware – whether it‘s the displays, computers or machine components – has no influence on the usability.

Live & Direct

When editing an HMI with HELIO the live PLC data can be displayed at any time in the editor. Because there is no compilation step between editor and finished HMI, time-consuming and nerve-wracking intermediate steps are not required.

This is more than WYSIWYG – it is “What You See Is What It Is”.

Helio zablet interface in hand within context, industry in background

Optimize Your Machines And Systems
With Intelligent User Interfaces

Usability Out of the Box

User interfaces which focus on users and usability not only work better, faster and more intuitive - they also allow the full potential of machinery and equipment to be utilized. HELIO has intelligent UX components on board and takes care of the UX design for you.

At HMI Project we have been designing and developing internationally-acclaimed user interfaces for over ten years. This expertise was essential in the development of HELIO.

HMI Project Helio preview on monitor with overlay

Interested in HELIO?

We would be happy to present HELIO in detail in a personal presentation.