The innovative system-independent solution

The system behind Helio is based on the latest industry standards and is oriented towards proven methods from web development.
Our goal is to make HMI project planning more efficient and to simplify prototyping without compromising the robustness and security of the runtime.

Future-proof technologies in use
No-code development environment
Configuring instead of layouting

Modern industry standards

Implementation in web technologies (HTML5, Javascript), connectivity via OPC UA

High-performance APIs

Aggregation and harmonized representation of heterogeneous control and peripheral data

Secure system architecture

Encrypted data transfer and local runtime, no external write or read access to PLC

System independence

Reliable compatibility with all controller types, operating systems and output devices

Latest industry standards as the basis

Helio fully relies on platform-independent web technologies, both for the editor application and for the display of the HMIs. Thanks to the Industry 4.0 paradigm, the use of HTML5 and Javascript is gaining increasing acceptance. Design is separated in principle from content and functionality, gesture control and multi-touch are supported and explanatory animations are used. A system-independent, uniform representation as well as responsive behavior on different screen sizes are the new standard in HMI development.

Helio supports the OPC UA standard to ensure comprehensive connectivity. Helio can easily connect to any database or PLC via an OPC UA Server. Similar to the primary data connection, the data simulation and the testing of the HMIs will be simplified by Helio. All functional elements from the modular system include test data, so that the basic functionality of the configured HMI can already be shown without a connection being required. Testing on end devices such as panels or mobile devices is simultaneously possible at any time via the local network without the HMI project having to be tediously compiled and transferred to the panel.

The system architecture

Helio protects its customers' interests with a reliable system architecture in which all security-relevant operations are carried out locally. During the creation of an HMI, the cloud architecture allows for easy access and management of various users, thus making collaborative work possible. The PLC connection is effected via a data gateway in the internal network. After completion of the HMI, the configuration of the project is exported in JSON format and transferred to the completely local runtime. Particularly sensitive data, especially control information, thus never leaves the internal customer network and cannot be read or written from outside sources.