The new type of HMI configuration

Helio brings the development of human machine interfaces into the agile Internet age. The simple no-code workflow and the integrated UX intelligence enable, for the first time, rapid prototyping for automatically user-friendly, robust user interfaces on every machine.

The revolution in HMI configuration
An HMI tool with all the advantages of a web application
Configure 1x, Use 1000x

Graphical user interface

Easy-to-learn workflows for beginners, easy transition for professionals

Multi-user capability

Team management and role assignment for efficient project execution

Template Library

Extensive, industry-specific module kit

Scalable design

Regardless of the content, brand-compliant styleable UI Design System

Rapid prototyping for HMIs

In globalized competition, mechanical engineering requires rapid innovation cycles without tedious planning, configuration and implementation. With Helio typical tasks in an HMI project can be reduced and parallelized.

The easy handling of the editor allows for conception directly in the implementation tool. The Helio editor works with page templates and grid layouts. Industry-typical screen types such as dashboards, alarm lists, user management, or settings can be used and customized as easily as master slides in PowerPoint. The automated behavioral logic and vectorization of all visual elements allows for true automatic adaptation of the HMI to all screen sizes and display modes.
The visual style is specified globally and managed centrally. Modifications are transferred to the entire HMI. The basis for rapid optimizations and contemporary designs. While an HMI designer defines the user guidance and style, the data connectivity can take place in parallel in the configurator.
 The collaborative approach of the Helio webapp is also useful for translating texts. Language lists can be edited by several people directly in the editor. This not only makes export and import processes superfluous, but also minimizes design errors that often arise from different text lengths in different languages.

Simultaneous panel testing reduces time that a project engineer spends compiling and transferring the HMI. Final problems can even be solved during commissioning, directly on the machine. Thanks to the versioning of all changes it is always possible to track whether a project is up-to-date as well as to reset to an older version.

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System extensions


Import of language tables, live language changeover and in-app translation

User management

Creating and managing individual accounts and user groups

Recipe management

Storing and managing product-specific settings.

Alarm system

Defining and visualizing triggers and thresholds for various alarm conditions

Contextual help

Direct display of relevant excerpts from the manual and documentation

Diagnostic tools

Recording and visualization of data and statistical evaluations

Mobile monitoring

Representation of functional HMI modules on mobile devices

Further system extensions are being planned.

Individual extensions and page templates

Together with our partner HMI Project, a specialist in innovatively designed human machine interfaces for industrial applications, we also develop and implement extensions customized to you and your project. Together, we create user-friendly software through high-quality design and supply customized solutions that function and inspire.
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Product presentation

Find out more about Helio in our supplementary product presentation. You can download it as a PDF here:
Helio product presentation